Breast Thermography

Providing Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology to Monitor Breast Health

Breast Thermography History and Services

What is Thermal Breast Imaging?

Breast thermal imaging is literally a heat map of the breasts; “thermal” = heat, “graphy” = map. The images are captured using an high resolution infrared camera. Have you ever seen a movie in which people wore heat-sensing goggles to hunt people or animals? This is the same technology only with much better equipment.

The first historical mention of the thermal process comes from Hippocrates, in 400 BC. He had a theory that disease created inflammation in the body, and as an experiment, he smeared wet mud on a patient’s bare body, and watched to see which part of the body dried the quickest. His theory was correct!

Thermography Services

Thermography is no-contact, non-invasive, uses no radiation, and has no harmful side-effects.

Using a top of the line, medical-grade FDA cleared camera to obtain digital thermographic images, Emily Frazer of Sierra Thermography provides women with another tool for breast cancer risk assessment. Thermography is able to detect and monitor small changes or abnormalities in the breast by analyzing temperature distribution. In cases of cancer, there is often an increase in blood flow in order to supply needed nutrients to the cancer cells. This increase in blood flow (angioneogenesis) will also create an increase in heat which is picked up by the highly sensitive camera. These areas can then be monitored by thermography and medical diagnostic testing.

Imaging Interpretation Services

Our scans are interpreted by Dr. Robert Kane, DC, DABCT, FIACT who brings 25 years of experience to the field. He holds Diplomatic Certification through the American Board of Clinical Thermography (ABCT). He also achieved Diplomate certification through the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT) and was recognized as a “Fellow” by IACT for contributions to the field of thermal imaging. Dr. Kane is the owner of Kane IR Interpretation Services, currently providing thermal imaging interpretation services for 35 centers across the United States, Israel, Canada and the Philippines.